FOTODOK is a platform for urgent and topical socially engaged stories, from local to global and everything in between. These stories are told through an accessible medium, namely documentary photography. Good documentary photography holds up a mirror to society, tells (background) stories, addresses (global) problems and focuses attention on controversial topics. Documentary photography touches people and thus lends itself well to discussion and the development of visual literacy.

At a time when news bulletins are getting shorter and become outdated faster, in which we are inundated daily with thousands of images and a continuous flow of information, FOTODOK believes there is a need for background stories. These background stories offer depth, sometimes even reflection and contribute to a better understanding of the world in which we live. Becoming familiar with and learning to read documentary images through education, insight and participation is an important focus. FOTODOK believes documentary photography allows people to look at the world in a different way and thus hold a mirror up to society.

FOTODOK looks beyond the Dutch border and follows the latest developments within (inter)national documentary photography. Its programmes focus on both established names and young talent. FOTODOK aims to encourage its public at every level – from enthusiasts to professionals – to step outside their comfort zone.