New Fund: The Arts & Science of StorytellingFund connects scientists and photographers

FOTODOK has received €27,500 from Femke Lutgerink and Tom Würdinger for a special fund to support annual documentary (photo) projects at the intersection of art and science and to promote the results of these projects. The fund brings together the donors’ (professional) practices, namely the arts and science.
Femke Lutgerink co-founded FOTODOK with Rob Hornstra in 2008. Her husband, Tom Würdinger, is a professor and researcher at the VUmc Cancer Centre in Amsterdam. Lutgerink officially left FOTODOK on 17 March, when she announced this donation and the establishment of The Arts & Science of Storytelling fund.
Lutgerink and Würdinger strongly believe that dialogue between art and science is necessary and that this collaboration has the potential to generate new insights. In both fields, passionate people are seeking new ways to look at and improve the world. FOTODOK shares this vision and believes that creativity is as essential to art as it is to the scientific process.
The Arts & Science of Storytelling
In the coming years, the new fund will be used to support a number of projects on topics as wide-ranging as innovative methods to detect cancer, new ways to approach nature and discrimination in the workplace. The donors hope the fund will encourage the visualisation of important social and scientific stories, thereby acquainting a wide audience with developments that affect us all and creating dialogue between science and art. FOTODOK will announce the first project on 17 May 2017.
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Reiner Riedler from Ways of Knowing: The Lifesaving Machines: is a project, that deals with the idea of the simulation of the human body and the effort of medicin to help saving and prolonging our lifes. The project tries to touch the difficult topics of illness, medical crisis and death by showing neutrally photographed machines, which are involved in the progress. This picture ‘Hand Prothesis: inside of the “System Electrohands‘ was part of our exhibition (Re)Inventing Nature (February t/m April 2017).