FOTODOK and Stichting Dialoog have teamed up to offer an emerging photographer the chance to make a documentary series with the theme ‘beyond us and them’. The selected photographer will receive a grant of €3,000 to research, realise and present the project. Read more about the 2016 winner here.
Theme: Beyond us and them
As an individual, you are always part of a greater whole. You play a role within a group, consciously or unconsciously. You may be a mother but also a daughter, sister, friend, colleague, neighbour, Christian, Muslim. In all these roles, you assume different positions. You choose a group, but perhaps more often a group chooses you, as a result of your lifestyle, political affiliation, race, ethnicity or for some other reason. Economic, religious and social inclusion and exclusion determine the sense of belonging to the society or societies you grow up in as well as the behaviours, norms and values that you develop.
It seems that, despite all the new communications tools, it is harder than ever actually to listen to each other. The public debate is often framed in terms of ‘us versus them’. But what is beyond us and them? FOTODOK asks the question: How do we recognise diversity and at the same time promote social cohesion in these fragmented times?
The Dialogue Grant is looking for photographers who look at the individual in relation to a group. ‘How do you recognise diversity and feel connected to and responsible for society? This is the central question in the upcoming FOTODOK exhibition Beyond Us and Them. That’s why we are calling for proposals that appeal to the imagination!
How can you participate?
We invite you to submit a proposal for a documentary photo series in which you outline how you plan to represent your project. We are looking for an original and compelling approach not found in the mainstream media but which you think is a good interpretation of this important subject.
Send your proposal to FOTODOK no later than 1 May 2017 with a link to your portfolio and CV. FOTODOK, Stichting Dialoog and VN photo editor Jenny Smets will evaluate the proposals on content and feasibility. One proposal will be selected for realisation.
The winning photographer will receive a grant of €3,000 to develop and present a series. FOTODOK will, of course, be on hand to offer support and advice. We will discuss with you where else the series could be published and in what form. Your project may also be included in our forthcoming exhibition on the same theme, which will be on display at FOTODOK from 3 September 2017. The series will be pitched to Vrij Nederland (VN) magazine for possible publication.
• Maximum of five years’ experience as a professional photographer
• You live in The Netherlands
• Proposal no longer than 2 x A4 pages
• Link to your portfolio and CV
• Submission no later than 1 May 2017 to with ‘Dialogue grant’ in the subject line
• A sum of €3,000
• Support and advice from FOTODOK
• Promotion by FOTODOK
• Possible publication in Vrij Nederland and other media