In Transitions photographers from the Netherlands and United States explore urban areas in (forced) transition. The international collaborative project began in the American city of Rochester, home of Kodak. The company did not capitalise on the digital develop- ments in photography and lost its position as the city’s largest em- ployer. The consequences for Kodak’s employees, suppliers and other activities related to the company were significant: high unem- ployment, an exodus of people, vacant buildings, growing dispari- ties between rich and poor.

Many of the urban developments in the United States find their way to the Netherlands sooner or later. How do they deal with forced transition? How do we? What can we learn from each other? What are the challenges and opportunities? Fol- lowing its presentation in Rochester in 2011, FOTODOK now places the story against a topical Dutch backdrop, in collaboration with var- ious local and national partners. An exhibition, research, readings and debates with photographers, urban planners and historians contextualise the issue and outline possible scenarios for dealing with forced urban transition.

With work by Theo Baart (NL), Rogier Fokke (NL), Gregory Halpern (USA), Jacqueline Hassink (NL), Cary Markerink (NL), Juliana Muniz (USA), Pink Pony Express (NL), Oscar Palacio (COL), Andrea Stultiens (NL), Dan Varenka (USA). In samenwerking met / in collaboration with Aorta, CBKU, Expodium, Stedelijke Fotografie Utrecht (SFU), VSW en George Eastman House and others.