Reality CheckFiction in documentary photography

In Reality Check FOTODOK explores the use of fiction in documentary photography. Photographers Claire Beckett (USA), Michael de Kooter (NL), Sofie Knijff (NL), Raoul Kramer (NL) and Alessandra Sanguinetti (USA) find inspiration in film, choreography, role play, dreams and reality.
By exhibiting series that are based on fictitious sources, FOTODOK shows how these influence our view of reality every day. In Raoul Kramer’s video Palestinian traffic policeman Ra’ed dances with theatrical movements over his intersection in Ramallah. And what about the role play that Claire Beckett captures of Americans dressed as Iraqis who, in the heart of the USA, prepare for combat missions in the Middle East? In addition, there is a series by Michael de Kooter on a landscape that is burned into the visual memory of film viewers. The remnants of this illustrious film past mingle with political history and recent economic developments. And then there are two young cousins in Argentina by Magnum photographer Alessandra Sanguinetti, who act out their dreams and fears in poetic scenes, and the Malian children of Sofie Knijff, who, with a few simple props, impersonate their dream profession.