(No) Privacy6 september - 25 october

Exhibition with work by artists including: Laia Abril, Henk Burger & Anne Lichthart, Holly Herndon, Tomas van Houtryve, Yves Kerckhoffs, Sifra Kock, Jan Koster, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Daniel Mayrit, Simon Menner, Yann Mingard, Ruben Pater & Jaap van Heusden, Milan Rijnders, Hito Steyerl, Jens Sundheim & Bernhard Reuss and Maarten Tromp.


How visible do we want to be? And how much control do we still have over the dissemination of our (visual) information? The current network society, in which we are inundated with new technological possibilities, offers opportunities and threats that demand our consideration. Come to the exhibition (No) Privacy and make up your own mind.


Presented with a kaleidoscopic view of the theme, you are challenged to form your own opinion in the critical debate about privacy. Whether it is the use of drones, security cameras, online information sharing or the increasing powers of the government to access our data, there is growing awareness that we are in danger of losing control of our privacy.

(No) Privacy addresses this topical issue through an exciting combination of work by photographers and other visual artists from around the world. The work is brought together at several outdoor locations across the city, including Domplein and FOTODOK’s exhibition space. The exhibition is complemented by an extensive satellite programme, offering further opportunities for dialogue and reflection. These include the  (No) Privacy Lab and the Photo Book Club.


The exhibition is guest curated by freelance curator Jenny Smets. She has worked since 2013 for World Press Photo as a member of the Supervisory Board and a trainer. She is also the director of photography for the weekly magazine Vrij Nederland.


The satellite programme was developed in collaboration with the following partners:

Bits of Freedom, SETUP, Hacking Habitat, HKU, filmtheater ’t Hoogt and IDFA DocLab.

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