James & Other ApesJames Mollison

FOTODOK presents in collaboration with Flatland Gallery the English photographer James Mollison. Flatland shows several projects of Mollison in the gallery, while FOTODOK’s focus is on public space. Ape portraits from Mollison’s project James & Other Apes will emerge throughout the city of Utrecht from March 7th. In different sanctuaries over the world Mollison photographed apes, who are victims of the bushmeat trade or illegal pet trade. He depicts these threatened animals as individuals with their own character and identity. Mollison’s purpose with this series is to let us rethink our position in the chain of nature. And to raise questions about identity.
Besides the ape portraits, which are printed on posters and spread throughout the city, FOTODOK is the first organization that offers a digital exhibition on Hyves and other virtual networks. There is an opportunity for everyone to become friends with his or her favorite ape.


The presentation of James & Other Apes is developed by FOTODOK in collaboration with Autobahn.