(In)Visiblegroup exhibition

FOTODOK will start the new year with the international group exhibition (In)Visible, with work by photographers Ivo van der Bent (The Netherlands), Raphaël Dallaporta (France), Tina Enghoff (Denmark), Charles Fréger (France) and Eva Hofman (The Netherlands).

Photography is synonymous with framing the world: what is and is not in view determines our perception of a photo. (In)Visible is not just about what falls outside the frame, but also about what is absent and at the same time instinctively very present in the image. As a viewer you have to look carefully to find out what these photos are actually about.


The wilted plants that Ivo van der Bent photographed do not only depict the urgent need for water and a handful of fertiliser. Raphaël Dallaporta’s Parisian facades seem to hide more than first meets the eye. Tina Enghoff photographed rooms, beds, sofas – sometimes clean and tidy, sometimes dirty, bare and overturned – but what do these photos tell us? As a viewer, your curiosity is piqued about the people behind Charles Fréger’s masks, but perhaps it is not important in this case who it is that peers penetratingly at us from behind the mask. The traces of parties Eva Hofman portrays in her work are probably still the most familiar for the viewer. The mess that remains after everyone has left and the number of empty bottles often provide immediate clues about the nature and success of the party.

Looking at (In)Visible will first and foremost raise questions. What am I looking at? Are these photos about more than what I see? And… how do I find out? (In)Visible asks the viewer to discover the story that is being told; that was is invisible is, in fact, present.