Hit the Road!FOTODOK

Hit the Road is a photo event that will take place at various locations around the centre of Utrecht. It comprises three exhibitions that will show different sides of documentary photography. FOTODOK’s main areas of activity will also be highlighted: established (inter)national names, young talent and a clear link with the city of Utrecht: the highest quality but accessible for everyone.

Hit the Road may evoke memories of the book On the Road by the beat writer Jack Kerouac, or of your own travels around the world, of globalisation and people who fly from place to place. FOTODOK has given this idea of movement and travel the following twist:

• Parking Spaces
Martin Parr worked on the series Parking Spaces between 2003 and 2007. He photographed the last available parking space in 41 different countries. It could have been your place, if you had been there in time. With Parking Spaces Parr highlights the universal frustration of looking for a parking space; a frustration experienced by car drivers the world over. At the same time, his series throws light on a global problem, that of the huge number of cars on our planet.

• Roadtrip Utrecht
Ten top Dutch photographers went on a road trip through Utrecht’s neighbourhoods. Each photographer chose a different neighbourhood. The aim of this road trip through Utrecht is to show how documentary photographers from different backgrounds and with different interests observe and photograph. Where one photographer concentrates on portraits, the other focuses solely on the surroundings; and where one photographer tries to photograph in the most personal way possible, the other chooses to stay detached. Whatever their approach, they all returned with photos that show the neighbourhoods in a fascinating light.

The ten Dutch photographers are: Ivo van der Bent, Koos Breukel, Marco van Duyvendijk, Martijn van de Griendt, Rob Huibers, Dana Lixenberg, Isabella Rozendaal, Anoek Steketee, Henk Wildschut and Raimond Wouda.

• Roadmap to Glory

FOTODOK’s competition for talented photographers who graduated in 2007
It was announced at the beginning of May that Lucia Ganieva, Mike Roelofs and Karine Versluis were the winners of Roadmap to Glory, FOTODOK’s competition for talented photographers who graduated in 2007. All three winners received a working grant of 2,500 euro from FOTODOK with which to realise their proposals for the theme ‘Hit the Road’. The exhibition can be seen in the sports hall of the former gymnasium on Oude Gracht 373. This location could – after renovation – be FOTODOK’s new permanent home.

The portfolios and proposals were assessed by a jury of five people comprising writer and journalist Chris Keulemans, photographer and curator Andrew Phelps, image editor Jenny Smets, photographer and Silver Camera 2007 winner Dirk-Jan Visser and photographer and FOTODOK founder Rob Hornstra.

About the photographers:
Lucia Ganieva  (1968) studied photography at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam. Ganieva tells stories using portraits and details from the surroundings of those she photographs. In the former gymnasium, Ganieva will exhibit a series about the customs and traditions at Russian weddings.

Mike Roelofs (1982) also studied photography at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. Roelofs is interested in the lives of communities that often exist on the fringes of society. Roelofs is able to capture the loneliness and harshness of this existence but also the pride, joy and spirituality of these groups. For FOTODOK, Roelofs visited the Roma community in the village of Band in Romania.

Karine Versluis (1980) studied photography at the Koninklijke Academie voor Fotografie  in The Hague. Versluis combines opposing images in her documentary work. For example, an intimate portrait juxtaposed with a melancholy still life or a detached overview photo. This juxtapositional approach makes her series enormously dynamic. For FOTODOK, Versluis travelled to the Antilles in order to gain insight into the lives of Antillean teenagers.