FOTODOKs Doela visual study of the narrative and photogenic aspects of Doel

Doel is a small village in Belgium that is being demolished to make way for the expansion of the Antwerp port. The inhabitants have been forced to move, because the village has to be empty by the end of August 2009. This small place in Belgium, with just 200 inhabitants, has attracted attention for years from (European) photographers and filmmakers. And FOTODOK finds that interesting. It has translated this story into two presentations.

Isabelle Pateer: Unsettled
Academiegalerie, Utrecht
9 May to 6 June
Opening 8 May at 5 p.m.

Fotofestival Naarden
16 May to 14 June

Photographer Isabelle Pateer (1980) has been covering Doel for several years. Through her photos she reveals the two sides of the future: on the one hand the personal development and on the other hand the progress of the young people in an environment that, in contrast, is heading for demolition and disappearance. FOTODOK is using this story as a metaphor for the suffering that can result from large-scale construction and expansion projects.

Fotofestival Naarden focuses on ‘narrative photography’. FOTODOK presents a visual study of the narrative and photogenic aspects of Doel. On Friday 22 May a discussion will address the questions ‘what makes something a good and interesting story for a photographer?’ and ‘why do so many photographers keep going back to the same place?’

These FOTODOK presentations have been made possible with the cooperation of ARCA, Fotofestival Naarden, Utrecht council, Academiegalerie and Featuring Amsterdam.