beyond populism?debate

Unfortunately, the public debate Beyond Populism?, due to take place on Thursday September 12th, has been canceled. The exhibitions The Rise of Populism in Europe and House of Eutopia are still on show at the Zijdebalen Theater untill September 21st. Be welcome.


As part of the exhibition The Rise of Populism in Europe several guests and artists will discuss the role of imagination in depicting a subject as the future of populism.

Political scientist (UvA) Matthijs Rooduijn kicks off with a opiniated (visual) reflection on the future of populism. Vincent Oldenborg, chairman of Stadspartij Leefbaar Utrecht and journalist Yvonne Zonderop will give their response to this reflection. Along with the photographers from the photo exhibition these different visions are further explored as well as the role that image makers can play in representing a subject like this.