ABOUT FOTODOKSpace for documentary photography

FOTODOK is an international space for documentary photography based in Utrecht. Since late 2008, it has brought urgent, underexposed, exciting, beautiful and socially engaged documentary stories to the attention of a broad local, national and global specialised public. It does this through a diverse programme of exhibitions, critical lectures and debates, education and international cooperation and exchange.

• tells socially engaged stories through documentary photography
• promotes visual literacy and familiarity with visual culture to a broad audience
• stimulates the public to discover ‘more’, beyond the obvious
• gives amateurs and photography fans the opportunity to actively participate in programming
• is an international centre of expertise for professionals and strives for better understanding of the medium
• brings photography professionals worldwide in contact with each other and with FOTODOK’s public
• is a springboard for young talent
• cooperates nomadically as well as with diverse partners, both local and (inter)national