Learning to read and understand photography, also called visual literacy or media wisdom, is an important aspect of all FOTODOK programmes. We believe this must precede taking photos. By taking looking as a starting point, a foundation is laid that can contribute to a broad understanding of the arts and image culture in general, both in terms of perception and creation. This means that the students make connections between their own experiences and skills and the way in which photography communicates reality. As a result, they are better able to shape their own creative products.

Knowing how ‘it’ works is an important skill in the excessive visual culture of today. We want the students of the future to be ‘media wise’ – critical, self-aware and able to use visual culture to their own advantage.


All of FOTODOK’s educational programmes focus on providing students with the skills, mentality and tools to consciously consume and produce. There is always plenty of opportunity within these programmes for ‘doing’, taking photos, trying and experimenting. In this way, students can put the theory directly into practice and link it back to their own experience.

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