Instagram Take-over: Zsófia Sivák

Every Monday and Tuesday we show on our FOTODOK Instagram work of international students about family. With this Instagram Take-Over we want to give young makers a platform. This week we introduce Zsófia Sivák, the photographer behind the take-over campaign photo: the girl with the balloon. Zsófia is recently studying at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in Hungary. Her projects where so impressive for us that we have chosen to give her exposure twice by showing the series ‘Family’ and ‘My Village’. Curious about what makes her work so strong? Continue to read more in our interview with Zsófia Sivák.
“My family is the most intimate sphere for me. I find it important to represent the specific material culture I come from.”

Tell us something about the series you are showing on our Instagram.
“My family is the most intimate sphere for me. When I was doing the series, although the photos meant to be documentary in form and style, my goal was to create real situations in a way in which they also convey my subjective thoughts and perspective. Besides this, I also find it important to represent the specific material culture I come from, since village lifestyle is decisive in the life of my family.”

Which role does the idea of family play in your work?
“Family ties and relations have been in the focus of my thoughts for some time. I moved to Budapest two years ago. Since then I have learned to look at the people I feel the closest to more objectively than in the past when I lived with them. When I photograph my family, I intend to formulate some general meaning beyond the personal.”
What is your favorite photo and could you tell us why? 
“My favorite photo is that of my stepfather while sleeping. The essentially big body is shown from a grotesque perspective. What’s more, the panther patterned draperies; books, flower-patterned curtains, and the light filtering in through the window are in a strange contrast with the extraordinariness of the body.”
Can you tell us something about your first coming goal in future? 
“I want to finish university and, in the meantime, concentrate as much as possible on my autonomous work. Fundamentally, I am interested in studying and documenting the living conditions of specific social groups. During the working process, I try to form a close relationship with my models, which I enjoy as much as the process of making photographs.”
Have a look at Zsófia’s series ‘Family’ and ‘My Village’.